What Are Die Struck Pins?

Die Struck pins are the most sought after types of custom lapel pins. In popular culture they are also known by common misnomers such as Enamel Pins, Soft Enamel Pins and Hard Enamel Pins.

Example of Die Struck Pins

Die Struck Pins are metal pins that are shaped with heavy machinery because a 10,000 lbs. press is required to “strike” the metal with tremendous force. Unfortunately this process takes time.

How Fast Can I Get Die Struck Pins?

Time and patience is required to make Traditional Die-Struck Pins because it takes days just to make the custom die. A custom die is the tool required to “strike” the metal into it’s desired shape. After the custom die is produced every pin must be struck into shape which can take days. After that, each pin is then hand-colored with enamel colors and plated. Let’s not forget the additional time it takes for the enamel colors to be hardened in a kiln! The final product usually takes at least 2-3 weeks to arrive.

To date, there is no foreseeable way to automate or streamline the traditional Die-Struck process, but there are much faster alternative methods of production available.

Pins Fast offers an alternative method of custom pin production in the USA for 24-hour turnaround. Unlike other companies, Pins Fast offers Rush Pins with die-cut custom shapes (any shape or size).

Pins Fast offers an unorthodox production technique because they don’t use heavy machinery for their Rush Pins. It’s a great substitute for Die-Struck pins when your deadline is fast approaching. Pins Fast can make any shape or size of custom pin in only 24 hours.

Other Pin Companies Claim 7-10 Business Days?

Yea, right…

What the other pin companies really mean to say is that it takes 2-3 weeks or more to get your pins from them because business days don’t include weekends or holidays. In addition to the business days required for production, shipping can take an additional 3-5 business days. Lets do the math and see what that really means:

  • 7-10 Business Days Production (really means 2 weeks + any factory delays)
  • 3-5 Business Days Shipping (really means another 1 week + international shipping delays or customs procedures)

When we read between the lines, the actual lead time (turnaround-time) for Die Struck Pins (also called Soft Enamel or Hard Enamel Pins) is about 2-3 weeks, plus any additional time due to unforeseen delays in production or delivery.

In a world that is struck with immense supply chain problems after the COVID-19 pandemic, you can be almost certain that there will be delays in shipping and production.

Misleading Claims?

Most pin companies such as PinDepot.com allegedly claim that Custom Die Struck Pins, Hard Enamel Pins or Soft Enamel Pins can be produced in about 7-10 Business Days. While Pin Depot is a reliable company, this terminology could allegedly mislead average customers who are unfamiliar with “business days”. Upon reading their terms and conditions, it currently says that they do not offer any guarantees for delivery.

Custom Pins Delayed
A screenshot of Pin Depot’s Terms and Conditions (11/17/22)

How To Get Pins Faster

Most customers do not have 2 to 3 weeks to wait for traditional Die Struck Metal Pins (including Soft Enamel Pins or Hard Enamel Pins), so companies like PinsFast.com offer alternative methods of production that are much faster. We also found that Pins Fast actually does make pins in the USA so they will not be delayed by international customs procedures.

die struck pins fast
A side-by-side view of PinsFast.com’s Rush Pins compared to their traditional Die Struck Pins.

Pins Fast offers custom-shaped pins that are produced in a matter of hours instead of days. These “Laser-Cut Rush Pins” look like a lot like die struck pins. We also found their Rush Pins to be very high quality and extremely durable! Pins Fast’s Laser-Cut Rush Pins can be a reasonable and quick alternative to traditional Soft Enamel or Hard Enamel Die Struck Pins.

While we do not offer Rush Pins at DieStruckPins.com, we do think that PinsFast.com offers an honest solution if your deadline is fast approaching. Pins Fast uses lasers and 3-D printers to make custom metal pins in the United States for their customers around the world. Most people cannot tell the difference between Pins Fast’s Laser-Cut Rush Pins and traditional Die Struck / Enamel pins.

Pins Fast pin backs
Pins Fast pin backs are welded in place for a military-grade attachment.

In addition to offering a faster product, Pins Fast pins also feature a military grade durability. We found that their laser-cut rush pins are virtually indestructible. The pin backs not only stayed in place during typical use but we were able to hang a 100 lbs weight from the back of the pins.

The ancient Romans once said “NOMEN OMEN” which means “A name is an omen”. We find this to be true with Pins Fast because their rush pins arrive fast and hold fast!

What if my Die Struck Pins arrive late?

With the exception of Pins Fast, most pin companies Do Not Guarantee production times nor do they offer refunds or discounts for pins that arrive late.

To show you what I mean, I’m publishing some screenshots of their terms and conditions pages that they might not want you to see:

A screenshot from Allaboutpins.com showing they do not offer a guaranteed production time.

We want to believe that our solutions are just a click away because the alternative is a not convenient truth. In fact, many pin companies are under so much increased stress from the current supply chain crisis that they must find a legal loophole to hide behind in case the pins arrive late.

Screenshot of LapelPins.com Alleged Typographical Error (11-17-22)

For instance, LapelPins.com allegedly claims to offer a guarantee on their website but their terms and conditions says that they are “…not liable for typographical errors”. This could allegedly mean that any “satisfaction guarantee” offered on their website is just a typographical error.

A Screenshot of LapelPins.com Terms and Conditions (11-17-22) We highlighted the important text in pink.

Mercurial terms and conditions agreements such as this could allegedly allow LapelPins.com to reverse a chargeback from your credit card by claiming that the guarantee on their website was simply a typographical error.

So How Do We Get Pins Fast?

With all of this misinformation out there, there has to be at least someone who is telling the truth, right? Let’s not lose faith because there is an industry leader who specializes in making pins fast… who else other than pinsfast.com?

Pins Fast is the only company we found that truly offers a guaranteed production time.

We found so far that only Pins Fast was capable of offering a guaranteed production time-frame because they offer a slightly different production technique which is faster.

What Are Enamel Pins?

Technically, Soft Enamel Pins and Hard Enamel Pins are a subset of Die Struck Pins.

Die Struck Pins must always be made of metal because it is basically impossible to use the die struck process on enamel or plastic. Die struck pins are always 100% metal pins even if they have enamel colors applied to the surface.

Soft Enamel Pins or Hard Enamel Pins typically get their name from the coloring that is used but the underlying metal part of the pins are die-struck.

What Are Die-Stamped Pins?

If you want to understand how Die Stamped pins are made, think of a cookie-cutter. Die-Stamping of custom pins is a process that simply stamps out pieces of metal into custom shapes in the same way grandma cuts out pieces of cookie dough (except grandma is not cutting pieces of metal with tremendous force).

Die Stamped metal pins are typically flat, printed pins without a textured surface. Soft Enamel and Hard Enamel pins are Die-Struck, NOT Die-Stamped.

Again, I will repeat: the Die Struck process which uses heavy machinery to make custom 3-D metal pins should not be confused with Die Stamped process which can only make 2-D shapes.

Die Struck Pins are a Work of Art

After reading this article, I hope you have a clear understanding of what Die-Struck pins are, and what they are not. Die Struck pins are a beautiful work of art made from a metal such as iron, brass or copper. They feature 3-D textured surfaces like a coin and can also feature soft enamel or hard enamel coloring. They take time to make, so be patient and understanding with the pin company you choose. The final product is a cherished work of art that can last for many lifetimes.

ARS LONGA, VITA BREVIS: Art is long, but life is short.